Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the process to go live work?  Fill out our client information form and our local expert will reach out to you as soon as possible to get you started.

Can I get a CMA / Home Value on my home?  Yes, every home we put on the market we do a FREE CMA /Home Evaluation and consultation to position your home to sell.

Pictures?  We schedule professional pictures for your home to get maximum exposure online at no cost to you.

Should I get professional pictures and how?  Professional Photography is standard on all of our listing at no cost to you.

Do you market the property?  Yes, we put all listings on local MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin and thousands of buyer websites. We market all listings on Social Media to ensure we find the buyer, save you money and earn our commission. 

How do I get my offers?  Once an offer is generated or submitted to us, it’s presented to you. Then our transaction coordinator will take you to closing since we generated the contract and have earned a commission.  

Is it really free to list my home?  Yes, pay us nothing up front to list your home unlike other FSBO systems that charge a flat fee up front.  We don't get paid unless your property sells and funds. 

Does a buyer's Agent get a commission?  We recommend you pay a buyer's agent commission of 2% to 3%. Typically a 2.5% commission will get the job done on the buyer's agent side. 

How much does the Listing Agent get?  Our listing agreement clearly states 1% to the Listing Agent plus what you agree to pay the buyer's agent. 

What if there is no buyer's Agent?  If a buyer chooses to buy your property unrepresented, by law we are obligated to disclose our agency is with the seller.  Typically the buyer will find an agent to represent them.  If the buyer choose to still move forward, we will refer the buyer to an in-house buyer's agent that will offer their services to the buyer for an additional discount to you. 

Do you help negotiate on contracts?  Yes. All offers / contracts that are generated or submitted through your local partner will include contract negotiation and support.

How long is the agreement?  120 day listing agreement and month to month after that - 30 day written notice to cancel.  

Can I cancel at anytime?  You may cancel at anytime after your 120 day listing agreement ends.

Can you help me buy a home?  Yes, our local area expert and you can apply the savings from selling your home directly to your new home purchase.

Can I get a lock box and sign?  Yes, a sign and lock box are standard with every listing. 

Can I have you take calls for me and qualify my buyers?  Yes, we will send interested buyers to a lender to qualify them and then schedule a showing with you.  

Do you schedule showing?  Yes. All agents, buyers and calls are handled through us.

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